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Hi, I'm Tracy. I am passionate about helping others find freedom in their minds and purpose & direction in their lives.

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I operate my Coaching Practice from my home in Hilton where I focus on Personal, Recovery and Career Coaching.

I have been married to my husband Brian for seenteen years and we have 4 furry children. I also run a Bed and Breakfast in Hilton and love walking, gardening, reading, having coffee dates with my friends and getting away for weekends with my husband to the Natal Midlands, the beach or game reserves.

We were all created with a divine purpose in mind and regardless of the journey we have been on and the numerous detours most of us take, we can realign our lives again and continue on the journey we were created to take. I have learnt this from experience!

what i believe

We were all created equally, but each of us with our gifts, talents, abilities and personalities is as unique as each star in the sky.
Everyone has a story to tell!
We need to all learn to SLOW down, breath and live in the moment.
When you refresh others, you will be refreshed (Prov 11.25)
The glass is always half full!
There is always something to be thankful for!

I have a BComm degree in Marketing and I am a qualified Communications Trainer. I am also registered as a Facilitator and Assessor with the Services SETA. I have been involved in the fields of Marketing, Recruitment, Business Administration, Training and Development, Consulting and Hospitality for the past 31 years.

At the end of 2012, I qualified as a Certified Life Coach through the Blackford Centre for Life Coaching in the UK. I now practice as Life Coach and Trainer and love every minute of it! I have coached hundreds of people face to face and over skype. I also love group coaching and have a real heart for people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

My passion is firstly to help people see how amazing and powerful their minds are and how the link between science and God provides tangible ways of controlling thoughts and emotions and their impact on our lives.  Secondly I love helping others discover and maximise their potential and align their strengths, gifts and talents to their purpose – both personally and/or professionally.

I am so glad you have landed on my website and invite you to contact me to find out how coaching can change YOUR life