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Boundaries Coaching Program

Healthy Boundaries

Psalm 16:6 'My boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places, surely I have a delightful inheritance

I found this course very useful in encouraging me to allow myself to set boundaries without guilt and accepting the boundaries of other.      
Anita Black

Many people want to have healthy ordered lives, but they are unsure about when it is appropriate to say no and to set limits.  They want to have good relationships, an ordered personal and professional life and grow spiritually, but they often find it difficult to take ownership of their choices, their freedom and their responsibilities. They struggle to say no! This is often because of a lack of boundaries.

Healthy relationships and an ordered life depend on maintaining Godly personal boundaries, but many people don’t know where to start. This program will present a balanced view of healthy boundaries as well as provide you with the tools to set and maintain boundaries in the key areas of your life.

Coaching sessions:

We will start by assessing your current situation and the health of your personal boundaries and then decide on what goals you would like to achieve by the end of the program.  The program is a combination of the theory and principles of boundary setting, as well as practical application in-between coaching sessions.

  • Session One –What are boundaries and how are they developed?
  • Session Two – Boundary principles
  • Session Three – Boundary myths
  • Session Four – Internal and external boundary conflicts
  • Five – Boundary successes. How to tell if you are succeeding in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Cost of this investment:

Individual Coaching – R2500.00

Group Coaching – R1250.00 per person (3 – 8 people in a group) (Please contact me to find out when the next Boundaries group will be running)

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