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“Change your thinking, change your life” Coaching Program

Change your thinking, change your life

Gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

Your thoughts affect your attitude, emotions, health, relationships & many other areas of your life. Toxic thinking can be broken, your mind can be renewed, detoxed & refreshed; toxic thoughts and emotions can be reversed & your life really can be changed to what God intended it to be, so that lasting life-giving change results.

The “Change your thinking, change your life” program will show you that what you think with your mind changes your brain & body, & you are designed with the power to switch on your brain for good use. You have an extraordinary ability to determine, achieve, and maintain optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, and happiness, as well as the prevention of disease in your body and mind. You can, through conscious effort, gain control of your thoughts and emotions, & in doing so, YOU can change the programming and chemistry of your brain. Science is finally catching up with Scripture, showing us the proof that…

Through this 5 week program I will show you that if you’re prepared to do the necessary work and make the necessary changes – you can live FREE of fear, anxiety and stress.         


  • Week one – What a thought is and how thoughts are formed
  • Week two – Toxic thinking & its effect on your brain, emotions, attitude and body
  • Week three – How you are wired for love BUT we learn fear
  • Week four – The keys to controlling toxic thoughts
  • Week five – Detoxing and renewing of the mind

Cost of this investment:

  • Individual coaching – R2500.00
  • Group coaching – R1250.00 per person. (Please contact me to find out when the next Change your thinking Group will be running)

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