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Family Addiction & Recovery Program

Family Addiction & Recovery Program

For families & loved ones affected by addiction

The family of the addict is often the first to seek help, sometimes long before the addict does.

They are usually in the best position to motivate the addict towards recovery but often implement ineffective strategies which leaves them feeling powerless and frustrated.

The stigma surrounding addiction makes it hard for the family to talk about their loved one’s problem and the secrecy surrounding addiction, then reinforces the misunderstandings about addiction and how to help the addict in the best way possible.

This program aims to educate, equip and support families and loved ones of those who are addicted. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR ADDICTS.

With the right support – families and loved ones can learn how to assess their current crises, gain a better understanding about drugs and addiction and how to let go of their co-dependent, enabling and often dysfunctional behavioural patterns that contribute to the problem.  You will also learn how to implement strategies that increase the possibility of the family and the addicted person getting the right help so that they can begin to make a life for themselves outside of addiction.


Program content:

  1. Crises assessment and general introduction to addiction and substance abuse.
  2. Understanding drugs, the addiction process, patterns and the phases of progression of the disease.
  3. Codependency (relationship addiction).
  4. Enabling and detachment.
  5. Boundaries and self-care
  6. Relapse prevention plan and family contracts.

Program details:

Individual Coaching – R500.00 per session.

Couple/family Coaching – R700.00 per session.

Receive 10% discount if the full program is paid for upfront.

Cost includes – 6 coaching sessions and notes.


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