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Identify your career values

Career values

What's most important to you in your work life?

One definition of fulfilment is simply “living your values”. It therefore makes sense that to feel fulfilled in our work we need to make sure that our work aligns with our values too.

Why does this matter? Well, knowing your work values enables you to understand what drives and motivates you while at work. It also helps clarify what you may want to avoid in the workplace. And once you’re clear on your work values (whether you’re looking at a new role, career change or just looking for ways to improve your current situation), you can do so in an informed manner: Knowing your work values will enable you to choose roles, careers and activities at work that support and enhance your values – and avoid those that contradict them.

Note: Your work values change over time (just as your personal values do). They shift as you understand yourself better and as your priorities in life change. Values are always moving and this is why we can ‘outgrow’ a job or role that initially suited us.

Cost of package: R1200.00

Duration: 3 sessions of 60 minutes

Includes: 3 coaching sessions and a career values identification workbook

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