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Life Balance and Self-Care Program

Life Balance & Self Care

Without self-care and life balance, life can be pretty stressful and lack joy and substance

The Balance and Self-care Course gave me the kick start I needed to take stock of my life, my habits and my goals again.  It is so easy to stay stuck in a place of comfort.  I really enjoyed doing the course in the group context.  You can learn so much from other’s stories and life experiences.

We live in a society that loves busyness, achievement, qualifications, status and success.

Many people work themselves extremely hard to get there – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them.  But what’s the point of success and a great career, if you are always stressed, overwhelmed and don’t see much of your family and friends (or are grumpy and tired when you do see them)? Sadly life balance and self-care often are seen as ‘soft’ requirements – something high achievers don’t (or shouldn’t) need.

Many people I know believe that they should be able to soldier on through illness and stress. Many others don’t know how to say NO to others. We are told that if we take a holiday, go on a break, have a long bath or sleep-in on Saturdays – all will be well again.  After all a successful person should have life under control and too much self-care is a sign of weakness or perhaps selfish or indulgent.

As a Life Coach, I know that quick fixes (such as a long bath or a short holiday) don’t work in the long term and that the whole person and their life as a whole needs to be looked at and seen in context. Without self-care and life balance, life can be pretty stressful, and lack joy and substance.

  • Are you stressed, tired and exhausted
  • Do you battle to say NO to others and YES to yourself?
  • Is your energy being drained?
  • Are you too comfortable and going nowhere?
  • Or, are you constantly pushing yourself so that ‘comfort’ or ‘balance’ is only a passing thought?

If you answered YES to any of these question, then this program will help you :

  • Assess your current balance and self-care levels
  • Help you identify what is getting in your way to living a stress-free, joy-filled life
  • Identify what your specific self-care needs are
  • Take action and set some boundaries
  • Find your joy again

This program is a well-crafted program that guides you through a 3 step process over a course of 5 weeks to get you living a life of balance and joy again.

Cost of this investment in your life:

  • Individual coaching R2500.00
  • Group coaching – R1250.00 per person (Contact me to find out when the next Life Balance and Self-Care Group will be running)

What does my money buy me?

  • 5 weekly individual or group coaching sessions
  • Coaching tools and self-discovery exercises
  • A Life balance and self-care workbook

This program can be done face-to-face or online (zoom).

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