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The Unstuck Process Workbook


Getting unstuck does not mean a total overhaul of everything about your life. Sometimes it means a small tweak, a slight adjustment or shift, a little re-direction. And where you were once blocked, you are now free so that you can Live the life you were designed to live!

This is a basic easy self-paced workbook that will lead you through the Unstuck Process.

Areas included in this workbook:

  • Figure out why and where you are stuck
  • Consider possible roadblocks to moving forward
  • 3 Actions to take to get you unstuck


Stuck, is a nerve wracking place and takes up tons of energy. So much energy in fact that it’s hard to find the energy to do anything other than be stuck.
When making a big decision or life change people can torment themselves with questions such as “Is this the right choice? What if I make a mistake?”
That is the stuck place!
Can’t move forward for fear of doing something wrong and can’t go back due to the space-time continuum. So………you stay stuck!

Are you:
* Needing to make a big decision?
* Going through a life transition?
* Dealing with bad habits that you don’t know how to change?
* Needing to make a career change/vocational change but don’t know where to start?

Here is the promise – If you can traverse these stuck moments more easily, then you can get to happiness more quickly.  It is as simple as that!

And where you were once blocked, you are now free.
Free to create and be what it is you want to be.

If that’s you & you are ready to get unstuck – then this downloadable self-paced workbook is for You!