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Reclaim your power at work

Reclaim your power at work

Boost your strengths

We are all prone to feelings of frustration, myopia or boredom when we have been in the same job, career or position for a while – it’s where most of us spend our prime years and the bulk of our time.

People who enjoy their work are usually good at making a distinction between themselves and the RESULTS of their work. This brings a detachment that allows for enjoyment of work independent of circumstances. If you don’t maintain this distinction, your enjoyment will always be dependent on whether or not things are going ‘well’.

In order to make changes in your current job or career it helps to understand what you enjoy, and what you don’t enjoy in your current work. From this vantage point, you are now in a position to make the necessary shifts, even if those shifts are just a change in outlook or perspective.

Remember that it’s very important when making big changes in our lives to move from a position of STRENGTH – and not from a position of weakness or unhappiness.

Program content:

  • Boost your strengths
  • Zap your weaknesses
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Career values exercise
  • Reclaim your power exercise

Duration: 5 individual or group coaching sessions


  • Individual coaching R2500.00
  • Group coaching – R1250.0 per person (3 – 8 eople in a group)

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