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School Leaver & Student Coaching Program

School leaver & student coaching

Where to from here?

The whole experience was extremely beneficial to me.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, but after the sessions I had a clear idea of what career would suit me best.  Thank you!
Clayton van Staden

Are you (or someone you know) in grades 11 or 12, just finished matric, busy with a gap year program or final year of studies and find yourself saying:

  • What should I be doing with my life after school, varsity or college?
  • What are my strengths and talents?
  • What am I good at?
  • What career should I be focusing on after school, varsity or college?
  • I want to go and study further, but I have no idea what course, degree or diploma to consider.
  • Should I rather consider a gap year?
  • I have an idea of what I want to do but need someone to help me be sure I am moving in the right direction. Life coaching can help you with this.

Then why not consider investing in your future by signing up for the School Leaver & Student Coaching Package and lets get you moving in the direction that’s best for YOU so that you can live  the life you were designed to live!

Cost of this package : R1500.00. 50% paid upfront before the first session and the balance after the third session.

What does this package include?:

  • 3 face-to-face coaching sessions (60 mins each) – booked in advance
    • Session 1 – One-one-one assessment and review of first 2 tools
    • Session 2 – Next 4 assessments (in the session) and review of final 2 tools to complete
    • Session 3 – Wrap up and verbal and written feedback on assessments with career/study recommendations
  • 5 career coaching assessments and self-discovery exercises
  • Written feedback report

Want to get going? Okcomplete the form below today and let’s get you or your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild on the right path for their future success.

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