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Vision & Goal-setting Coaching Program

Vision & goal setting

'If you don't know what you want, you'll end up with what you get!'

We live busy lives and for many of us, finding time to ponder and reflect on what we want from life seems a waste of our precious time – or simply a distraction from the other 101 things we have on our lists.

If you’re not clear though on what you want it’s impossible to have direction – you will end up going wherever life takes you. You could end up anywhere or everywhere.

Not knowing what we want also makes it hard to say “No” to others. How can we prioritize ourselves when we have nothing to work towards for ourselves? We have no REASON to say no.

Having goals also gives us purpose in life. When we KNOW what we want, we can get focused and ask ourselves, “Does this move me towards my goals – or away from?”    

Come on a 5-week journey with me and lets get your life moving from drab to fab with inspiring, achievable goals that will keep you motivated all the way through to the end of the year.



  • Session 1 – What is vision & how to get a vision for your life (2 envisioning exercises)
  • Session 2 – Get perspective & set your 1 year vision
  • Session 3 – Wacky Wild Brainstorming (How to choose goals that are exciting and meaningful to YOU)
  • Session 4 – Understanding the ‘Why’ of your goals (Looks at your motivation for achieving specific goals)
  • Session 5 – Nail that goal (SMART goal setting)/Annual Goal Setting Worksheet

Individual Coaching : R2500

Group Coaching : R1250.00 for 5 sessions (Please contact me to find our when the next Vision and Goal-setting group will be running)

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